10 minutes is all you need to
plan your therapy for the week.

(Yes, it is possible)

You've done the hard work.

You went through the application process, the graduate school courses, the internships... You got a job. You earned your CCCs.

The actual therapy part... That was supposed to be the easy part, right?

You may be finding, just like most SLP's, that the hard work has just begun...

Does any of this sound familiar?

You're plagued with the nagging fear that you're not doing your job "right".

The paperwork never ends. (Can you even remember what your desk looks like under all those papers?!)

You long for the leisurely days of summer when you could eat your lunch without trying to finish up paperwork or prep for your next therapy session.

You're losing the love of your job, the reason you got into this work in the first place, because you barely have time for your students after all of your other responsibilities.

Mixed groups are such a challenge. (How in the world are you supposed to target ten different goals in a 30-minute session?!)

If that sounds like you...

Imagine having instant access to tools you need to...

... plan your therapy in 10 minutes a week.

... feel confident about using evidence-based strategies in therapy.

... know that you are helping your students reach their goals.

... streamline data collection and Medicaid billing.

That's Why I Created SLP Now®


I was working countless hours--starting work at 5am, skipping lunch, dragging home paperwork--just trying to keep up with my workload. I wanted to provide my students with the services that they deserve, but I was quickly spiraling towards burnout.

I knew there had to be a better way.

That's when I started creating materials and tools to make my job easier. I wasn't overwhelmed anymore. I started loving my job again. I finally had a life outside of school!

Here's the good news. You can too!

- Marisha McGrorty, M.S., CCC-SLP

Here's How it Works

1. Plan your best therapy!

No more feeling like a headless chicken! You can plan for therapy in minutes using the SLP Now resources. You'll have access to an organized library of 700+ evidence-based therapy materials. Use the search features to quickly find activities for therapy including:

  • Literacy- and theme-based activities (Book guides, crafts, open-ended activities, and reading passages for 48 themes and 97 books) - $500 value
  • Skill packs to address 20+ skill aligned with the Common Core State Standard - $300 value
  • Bonus organizational tools, video tutorials, and more! - $600+ value

New materials are added on a weekly basis!

iPad Materials

2. Get more done in less time!

You'll finally be able to say "good-bye" to those working lunches. This streamlined system will save you so much time! You'll be able to...

  • Upload your student data for quick reference
  • Use the digital planner for efficient therapy planning
  • Quickly enter your therapy data
  • Use our templating system to "automagically" generate billing notes
  • Easily review student progress using automatically generated graphs
  • Document parent and teacher communication

Your data is stored on a HIPAA-compliant server. Keeping your data secure is our #1 priority!

iPad Student Data

3. Feel confident!

SLP Now will give you access to resources that will help boost your confidence. From evidence-based materials to data-driven therapy plans, we've got you covered!

"From her many blog posts, videos, etc., it is clear that Marisha is very concerned about making materials that are evidence-based. I feel more confident using materials that I know are supported by research and evidence, and aren't just cute and easy." - Paula

"The materials are for a variety of severities can be used in numerous ways! I know I can take the materials for a whole day worth of kiddos and meet their individual needs." - JoBeth"

SLP Now will give you access to resources that will help boost your confidence. From evidence-based materials to data-driven therapy plans, we've got you covered!

iPad Planner

4. Connect with other like-minded SLPs!

Feeling lonely? Like no one "gets it"?

The SLP Now community is for you!

Connect with SLPs for ideas and inspiration by joining groups, messaging individual SLPs, and more.

Groups of SLPs have the ability to create private groups. Just contact us at to set up your group! Perfect for school districts or teams of SLPs.

Take a Closer Look at SLP Now!

What Our Members Are Saying

As an 18 year veteran, I highly recommend the SLP Now Membership. Even after all my years, using Marisha's resources has made for a very stress-free year. She sure has made my planning easy and SO much fun!!

- Michelle, School-Based SLP

Testimonial Kayla

My favorite part of SLP Now is how simple it is to find exactly what I need, when I need it. No more extensive digging for resources-- it's all right here! I know I am only a few clicks away from an awesome therapy session with SLP Now. I can quickly find a themed therapy item or target a specific skill set just by browsing through the materials on SLP Now!

- Kayla, School-Based SLP

SLP Now makes my job easier because I am able to look in one place for 90% of the materials that I need. The materials cover so many different topics. I know if I need a resource on a certain thing, I'm going to find something.

- Paula, SLP

Testimonial JoBeth

SLP Now makes my job easier because I have all my themed activities and books with materials ready to easily grab and go. The materials are for a variety of severities can be used in numerous ways! I can take the materials for a whole day worth of kiddos and meet their individual needs.

- JoBeth, Outpatient SLP

I'm obsessed with the leveled instruction in the skill based lessons. It can be tricky trying to figure out where to start when a student is having difficulty. Marisha had taken the time to break down the skills and provide the necessary level of supports. This will allow me to try some new methods with less work on my end.

- Sarah, SLP Toolkit

Having grab and go everything has made my life SO easy! An unexpected bonus is that I am the only SLP at my charter, so I love the access for collaboration and group think--it's like being a team all over again!

- Carrie, School-Based SLP

SLP Now helps me save money because I get all the materials for one amount. I'm not paying for each separate item. If you purchased each separately, it would be thousands of dollars, I'm sure.

- Paula, SLP

When it comes to creating lessons and materials, I just don’t have the time. I may have great ideas in my head but because of the paperwork and constant interruptions, I never find myself finishing any of them. It had gotten to the point where I was completely frustrated and burned out!

Today, I am revived and my therapy feels renewed because I’ve invested in the SLP Now membership. I’ve been a member for over a year and the resources continue to grow. What started out as a collection of prepared materials for literacy, articulation, and language, has grown into a complete library of training videos, tips, therapy management tools, and data collection that not only match my students’ goals and needs but also keep me feeling on top of my game! It’s improved my therapy while keeping me more organized, streamlined my therapy, and provided me with a tremendous amount of professional growth.

- Martha, School-Based SLP

You have 30 days to put SLP Now to the test!


If SLP Now® does not...

... reduce your therapy prep time

... help you feel more confident as an SLP

... make your workload more manageable

Just send us a message and we'll send you a prompt refund!

* Available for up to 15 downloads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes! E-mail us at to get started. We offer group discounts and are happy to work with your company or school district.

Read to submit your order? Fill out this form.

When you have a membership to SLP Now, can you access previous months’ materials, or just one month at a time?

Members who purchase the Materials membership or the Bundle have access to all materials!

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes! You can cancel your membership at any time. Just click the "Cancel" link on your account page.

If you're not happy with the membership, we will offer you a refund (within the first 30 days of signing up).

What ages is the membership for?

The themes in the membership are geared primarily towards preschool/elementary students at this time.

The skill packs can be used with a wider range of students (from preschool to high school). Skills addressed range from basic concepts to context clues, following directions to summarizing.

We also add/update new materials on a weekly basis!

I don't have money to buy all of the books. Any suggestions?

Yes! There are apps that you can use to download books digitally (for free!).

We're also happy to point you towards other resources!

Who created this membership?

The membership was created by Marisha McGrorty, M.S., CCC-SLP. She is a school-based SLP who is on a mission to help SLPs work smarter. Click here to read more about her story.

More questions? Click the speech bubble icon on the bottom of your screen to get ahold of us anytime!

SLP NowTM Tools in Action

Here's how our members are using SLP Now!

Ready for an awesome school year?!